Edinburgh Fest Street Performers Blow My Mind

IMG_1066 copy Sunday I flew on 4 planes to get from Kansas City, Missouri, to Edinburgh Scotland, a distance of 7 x10^6 cricket bats, via 4 planes, in just 21 soul crushing hours.

I'm here for work, but Sunday was dedicated to having some fun at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

The planned main event of the day was seeing Andy Zaltzman, the UK half of The Bugle, 4:20pm at The Stand. Since I arrived at 11am, that left me with half a day to wander around Edinburgh. And there was a lot to see.

The street performers were everywhere and they were amazing. Pics and videos follow.

One of the funniest guys was the one holding this sign that say "I WILL SHOUT ANYTHING LOUDLY." Having witnessed this, I'm of the opinion more people should shout random things at the top of their lungs. It's hilarious.

He quietly took suggestions from people around him and then would then shout that something absurd like "I like pickles on my Elvis butter sandwich!" and [Insert lewd act involving a lemming, raspberry jelly and and someones brother-in-law here.]

There was also a guy in a purple diaper juggling a knife, running chainsaw, and a small red ball. If you look closely at the middle of the pic below you can see him standing on a platform over the crowd with a running chainsaw in the air in front of him. For the record, no one died. (video proof)

Guy Juggling a Chain Saw in front of a huge Crowd

And this bagpipe player is the most bad-ass bagpipe player on the planet. Anyone who says the bagpipes aren't cool never met this guy.

Bad Ass Bagpipe Player at the Fringe in 2010

I caught a little video for the brief moments of the bagpipe awesomeness I wasn't completely awe struck.

And then there was Dave Crowe. He completely blew me away with his beat-boxing. There are 4 videos in this player. If the first 2 Dave Crowe solo vids don't do it for you, check out the last 2 when the Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys start playing their haunting instruments along with him.

And finally just before 4:20 I made my way over to The Stand.

The Stand Comedy Club in Edinburgh Scotland

I laughed my self silly watching Andy Zaltzman live. It was like 1/2 of The Bugle, but longer and all hopped up on Jujubes. I met him and his wife after the show and was star struck. The guy is hilarious. Mrs. Zaltzman was kind enough to to take a picture of me with the Pun Master of Disaster.


Lost more fun stuff happened after the show. You can see some more in the pics from my Sunday at the Edinburgh Festival on flickr.

Update Sept 21, 2010: I wrote an email to the Bugle that, in keeping with the tenor of the Bugle, was exceptionally offensive. If any email ever had a chance to get on the Bugle, this one did. Unfortunately, they ran out of time for emails in episode 125, and sadly episode 126 was delayed a week due to a death in Andy's family. By the time they got around to recording 126, the moment had passed, and the email was not read on the podcast.

That said, Andy thanked me for coming to the show at the very end of Episode 125.

Andy - ...and thanks again to all of those who have been to see the show. Particularly the man who'd flown 21 hours on 4 separate flights just to get there.
John - Wow. [stunned]
Andy - HERO! A Hero John!
John - A Hero Bugler! [Pronouncement, Oliver Style]