Family Vacation in Missouri

This last week we vacationed in Missouri near Kansas City with Christine parents.

We spent most of our time in the pool. At the beginning of the week arrived the kids didn't know how to swim and would basically freak out if water touche their faces. They made a lot of progress.

Videos of the Kids Swimming

We also took a bunch of day trips and posted pictures in this Kansas City MO Flickr set and audio recordings on my audioboo podcast channel. Here are some of my favorites.

At Union Station we went to a science museum, dinosaur exhibit and model railroad exhibit. Union Station is a converted train station and it had this stunning American Flag hanging from the ceiling

Allison, Alex and Conner with the Flag

Allison and the Flag

The dinosaur exhibit was full of animated dinosaurs.

Allison at the Dinosaur Exhibit

The dinosaur sound effects were so cool Conner and I recorded an audioboo (short audio podcast) from inside the dinosaur museum. You can listen to it here.


The kids had a lot of fun at Powell Gardens.

Allison, Alex and Conner

Paul and Allson Hike to the Giant Ants.

As we walked up to the Giant Ants Allison and I recorded this audioboo.


We played some mini golf on Friday.

Allison Golfing

Alex and Conner Golfing

And then it was back to the pool.

Alex Conner and Allison in the Pool