Giant Frackin Ants!!!

We took the kids to the Powell Gardens this week. There were lots of flowers and butterflies, but the thing that really blew us away were the ants...

While taking this picture of Alex I noticed something between the bushes way off in the distance.


It was a giant ant! And we could see it from a 1/4 mile away!

Ants in the Distance

It was a long walk so Allison hitched a ride on my shoulders.


Eventually we made it to the Ants and they were as big as the ones from the movie "Them!"



Alex and Conner with an Ant

Once we finished checking out the ants, Conner showed me how to do summer-salts and then convinced me to roll down the hill. Do not try this at home.

I didn't feel right for 3 hours after that roll, but boy did we have fun!