Alex vs. The Race for the Cure Boston 2010

Alex supported his Grandmother in today's Race for the Cure.  She's a breast cancer survivor, or as we like to call it, a breast cancer ass kicker.

Grandma and Alex

The goal was to raise money to support research to eradicate breast cancer.  Christine and her Sister put together a team and between them raise $1,475 from friends and relatives.  One friend in particular came through in a big way. I posted a challenge to my brother in law on twitter...

and within 20 minutes my friend Ben had donated enough to meet my entire fudraising goal!

Ben's an exceptionally generous and classy guy and I can't thank him enough for stepping up like he did! Thank you Ben!

The morning of the race arrived and we headed into Boston much earlier than I like to be awake. Alex insisted that he wanted to actually run the race and warmed up in a hotel lobby. 

Seeing his enthusiasm, Christine and I decided I'd stick with Alex and she'd stick with the rest of the group. When the race began and we had a fairly crappy poll position.

The Race Begins

But as soon as the crowed thinned out Alex started sprinting. We did the first mile in alternating 100 meter sprints and short walks. That mile took 15 minutes. There are no pictures because I was running too keep up most of the time.

By mile 2 Alex started to over heat.

Alex in Mile 2

But he remained in good spirits and was determined to finish the race.

Those runners are catching up because Alex Sprinted Most of Mile 1

Somewhere during that mile his Uncle Ron (the brother in law I challenged) passed us. As we entered Mile 3 Alex's foot started bothering him so I gave him a ride.

Alex Hitches a Ride on Dad's Shoulders

But he insisted on walking most of the way. As we came up to the finish line he sprinted passed cheering supporters and snapping cameras for the last tenth of a mile.

After the Race

We finished in 1:02, far off the 15 minute mile pace we started but still quite respectable for a seven year old. Alex's Uncle finished in 40 something minutes, so he won this year, but next year he's going down.

A few minutes behind us was the rest of the "Hall A$$ for the Cure" team. ("Hall" is Alex's Grandmother's last name)

The Rest of the Hall A$$ team

After the race we went to the Whiskey Priest Pub for lunch, and they had the most amazing selection of Jameson Whiskey. Unfortunately it was only 10:20am, and while it was noon somewhere, I was sadly to hot to drink whiskey.

Lunch at the Whiskey Priest

This is the entire "Hall A$$ For The Cure" overlooking the water near the World Trade Center.

The Hall A$$ for the Cure Team

I was really proud of Alex. He was upbeat and determined to support his grandmother the entire time. Even when it was clear that he was getting very uncomfortable, he pushed through it. It's clear I need to teach him how to pace himself, but I'm thrilled to see him so driven to complete something.