Alex's Class Trip - Hike Up Mt Wachusett

Today I took the day off work to chaperon Alex's 2nd grade class trip up MT Wachusett. Alex was very excited and we made our way up to the top pretty fast.  The boys seemed to think it was a race.


Looking exceptionally rugged we sat down for lunch at the summit.


On the way down, Alex's friend Julia started to wear out. Apparently she had packed a small library in her backpack in case there was down time for reading. So +1 for reading dedication. Minus a bunch for mountain climbing preparation.

Alex was quite the gentleman. He handed me his backpack containing nothing by a reusable sandwich wrapper and a near empty water bottle and carried Julia's bag to the bottom.


He's becoming a fairly tough and thoughtful boy.

More pictures of our hike in this Mt Wachusett Alex Class Trip flickr set.