Dear Muslim Community, I'm Not With These People

I realize in writing this that I'm in the minority, but I think building a Community Center (a.k.a Mosque) at Park51 near Ground Zero is a great idea.

I believe this because:
  1. Building a Mosque at Ground Zero would model the values of religious tolerance and freedom on which the United States was founded. 
  2. Building a Mosque at Ground Zero would show the world that Americans are smart enough to reject the falsehood that Islamic Extremist terrorists in any way represent the overwhelming majority of Muslims.  
  3. Building a Mosque at Ground Zero would begin to heal the festering wound in the landscape of Manhattan that has tragically been left open for 9 years.

Since 2001 the United States has flown into a frenzy of irrational, self destructive behavior.  And this objection to a community center based on a religious prejudice is just the latest terrorist guided behavior.

If I were a terrorist I'd go to my boss with the events of the last 9 years and ask for a big raise.   Based on one horrible day's work in 2001 I'd managed to get the United States of America to:
  1. start not 1 but 2 ongoing wars, 
  2. accidentally kill numerous Iraqi and Afghan civilians (resulting in my terrorist recruiting numbers going through the roof),
  3. incorrectly equate one of the worlds largest peaceful religions with terrorism,
  4. torture prisoners, and
  5. force their citizens to subject themselves to degrading full body scans when they fly. And if that's not degrading, then why do they blur the face in the picture?

When the terrorists perpetrated the 9/11 attacks there weren't that many of them. 30 in the planes. With their support and planning team less than 100 were involved in the attack. That's not a lot. I'm a pretty dull dude and I have more followers than that on Twitter.  If they were going to scare anyone they needed to seem bigger than their meager numbers.

So they tried to convince US citizens to think that all Muslims are evil because 30 people claiming to be Muslims did something horrible.  That's like claiming that all Catholics are evil because a small number of them raped little boys. I'm all for drawing and quartering the rapists, but to make the mental leap that 99.999% of Muslims are terrorists is no different than claiming that the other 99.999% of Catholics are rapists. It's simply absurd, and I'm embarrassed to be associated with so many people that have fallen for this terrorist trick of tortured logic.

So to the Muslim Community,

I want you to know that I am an American, and I am not with the people that object to the building of a Mosque near Ground Zero.  I am not with the people that have been duped by terrorists into thinking you and your religion have anything to do with terrorism or 9/11. And just as a topical side note, I am not with the pastor that has threatened to burn a Qur'an. That guy is an embarrassment to humanity.

I am with you and the other Americans that adamantly support the building of an Islamic cultural center at Ground Zero because it is the best possible response to the terrorist attacks.  To close the gaping wound in Manhattan's landscape by constructing a center of peace, happiness and worship would prove to the world that America rejects the terrorists claim to Islam, and demonstrate our willingness to follow the values of religious tollerance and freedom upon which the United States was founded.

To do otherwise is simply not the American way.

I can imagine this one building as the beginning of something even greater than honoring our past.  It will be the first of many community centers. Rising like a chorus of phoenix from ground zero will be centers for Muslims, and Jews, and Catholics, and Hindus and Atheists and numerous other groups. All of them surrounding an open green.

In that future, people around the world will look at the area where the World Trade Center stood and see a place where people of different backgrounds and beliefs freely celebrate there differences and their similarities in peace. Reborn in the World Trade Center's place, The World Cultural Center.

And the people there tell stories of the those who stood up in the face of prejudice and fear, calling them the greatest generation of Americans. At the entrance to The World Cultural Center is a stone carving remembering those who fell and those who rebuilt.  At the bottom it reads

"Only when we remembered the American values of Tolerance and Freedom could we build this World Cultural Center and in doing so defeat the terrorists."