Life Goal #34 - Lay Siege to a Castle via Trebuchet

Trebuchets were the engines of war in a time when men were real men, women were real women, and you were more likely to die of a parchment cut than be able to read what was written on that parchment. It was a simpler time. 

Since the day I learned about trebuchets it has been a life goal to lay siege to a castle with one of these magnificent devices.  Something in the beauty of the physics that producing the throwing power needed to launch the rotting corpse of a cow over castle walls just speaks to me.

This Saturday at the Harvard MA, Lions Club Fall Festival, a little bit of my dream came true.

The guys in this video are members of the Lions Club. They built the Trebuchet by hand. It is a thing of beauty. While life goal #34 is actually to set one of these up and fire it, I got a taste of the future when Alex, Allison and I pulled the firing lever and launched a bag of lime at the castle across the field (we're in frame starting at 40 seconds).

It wasn't my trebuchet, and we didn't launch a cow, but it was truly a sublime experience.


Allison, Conner and Alex watching the castle