Fall Colors - Trees, Rainbows and Kids

Fall has arrived in New England and the trees are having a so so year. The colors are not quite as brilliant as last year, but still enough to catch your eye.

We've had a few impressive rainbows this year. I'm fairly certain this one is directly over the Irish Pub in Ayer, MA.

IMG_1978 copy

And then there's the trees.




We took a trip up to the CSA where the meat we eat is raised. Seems like a nice enough farm, thought I've come to the conclusion there is no way to raise Turkeys without the smell.

The Boys attempted to win a prize for catching the barn cat no one working on the farm could catch. They never got any closer that in this picture.


Moments after I snapped this picture the kids fell down in a heap. These moments don't last long. You have to be quick to catch them.

IMG_2180 copy

The rest of our Fall 2010 Leaves, Rainbows and Kids pictures are here on flickr.