Alex and I Prepare For Winter

The machine had made many noises in it's long life, but a "snap-spin-clang" was not one of them.  He stood there in the driving snow staring down at the starter handle in his hand. The cord hung limply from the handle, mockingly disconnected from the engine deep inside the bowels of the snow throwing beast.   

Some would claim that it was the wear and tear of 15 years that caused the starter cord to break. He knew it was his massive upper body strength. Yet that knowledge borough him no consolation as a snowplow threw a half ton of slush on his driveway. 

That was me last year. The snow blower I inherited from my high school years has been sitting idle since then, and I was determined not to start the winter without a snow blower. I considered purchasing a new one, but there's something about the challenge of using my hands to fix such a long lasting machine that called to me.

So that's what I spent my afternoon doing yesterday. It turns out this brand of snow blower requires a fair bit of taking apart in order to get to the connection point for the starter. Alex came in to help and together we replaced the starter mechanism.


He's pretty good with his hands.


The parts Alex helped went a lot faster than when I worked alone and he seemed to have a lot of fun.  I really get a kick out of doing stuff like this with him.


When we finished it started up on the first pull.