I Went To Scotland and All I Got Was This Blog Post

In late November 2010 I went on my second trip to Scotland. The first one was both a successful business trip and a lot of fun. This second was all set to be a repeat success but Mother Nature and the US Immigration Policy Makers had other ideas. They went for screaming disaster.

Before I left I decided to use Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends since I was going to be +5 hours time shifted for a week.  Little did I know it would be such a source of comfort and a great way to retell the story of my worst business trip ever.

The following is a recount of that trip as told by screenshots of my Facebook status. In many cases my friends comments are funnier than my original post. You can click on each image to go to the full post and comments on Facebook.

And so without further gilding the lily and with no more ado, I give to you, my absurd business trip to the Lowlands of Scotland and back.

I took off November 28th with not a clue what lay in wait for me in the days ahead.

Fate lulled me into a false sense of security on the way to Newark.

Dinner in Newark was delicious and uneventful.

While I slept on the plane over the Atlantic. A Siberian storm front, the likes of which Scotland had not seen in 30 years, appeared out of nowhere.

I never made it past Glasgow. The weather there wasn't too bad, but 20 miles west was, by all accounts, apocalyptic.

The weathermen who completely failed to predict this natural disaster announced that it would last for at least 3 weeks so we booked our flights home for the next day. That night we went to an restaurant in an ally in Glasgow that a colleague explained was one of their best kept dining secrets.

I woke the next morning at 4am GMT and fired off a timer on my watch as I started the trip home. I was a little tired to say the least, but this was just the beginning.

This is where things get interesting. I've included the comments on this post because the conversation was in large part responsible for my retention of sanity throughout that day. I've blurred out names and faces of people who I don't explicitly know are ok with me posting this.

We eventually took off from my destination airport for Newark, NJ. A rain storm had delayed us in Boston for 90 minutes. Once it blew over Newark we took off and flew right through it; worst turbulence I ever felt. The woman behind me on the plane alternatively sobbed and screamed as if she was being stabbed throughout the entire flight. 

Incidentally, that message was posted to Twitter and Continental did not respond.

The next 3 pics are in reverse chronological order. The rightmost I took when I made it to my car. The middle one is of the completely stopped traffic I hit on route 90 on my way home.  (et tu Boston?)  And the last one is me finally returned home to my beautiful wife.

When I pulled into my driveway I looked at the timer I started earlier that day. 

I don't recall feeling this way at the time but looking back on it it's a pretty hilarious trip. I was surprised how many people followed my journey and even reached out to find out what was happening when I didn't update Facebook when they expected.  In these ridiculous circumstances it was nice to stay in touch with friends, even if it was at a distance. Somehow it made the trip more enjoyable.