Allison - Master Electrician & Pawn Chess Champion

Since Christine and I instituted a "No TV before school" rule the kids have been coming up with some cool ways to entertain themselves in the morning. Last week Alex took out the snap together electronics kit he got for Christmas and build a circuit that made a small fan take off in the air.

Allison asked me to help her build one so we put together a sound activated happy birthday playing circuit.  She was very proud of her creation.

Allison and the Circuit

Another fun activity of late is "Pawn Chess." Alex is actually a pretty decent chess player and his brother and sister want to play as well. I'm getting them started with a simple game using just the pawns. She gets no end of joy out of taking all of mine.

Pawn Chess

I'm glad to see her growing up so happy and confident. It won't be long before she's rewiring the house and beating me at chess.

The bandage under her chin in the chess picture is covering up the stitches she got after attempting to break a step on a playground slide with her chin. She's since had the stitches removed and has promised me she would not pick a fight with those particular stairs again.