Conner vs the Museum of Science

Conner and I made our first Father & Son trip to the Boston Museum of Science two weeks ago. He was really excited to go after hearing about Alex's trip. But that was where the similarities ended. Unlike his brother, who want's to see everything, Conner found his "One thing" and focussed in on it with all his energy.

Conner Creating Fish in the Virtual FishTank at the MOS

For Conner the focus of the day was the "Virtual Fish Tank" exhibit. It's a set of screens on a wall that are windows into a virtual fish-tank.
Virtual FishTank®," immerses visitors in a virtual undersea world populated by brightly-colored, cartoon-like fish. Visitors select attributes and behaviors for their fish, launch their creations into the tank, and then see how a few simple choices result in complex behaviors and patterns for a whole group of fish. - MOS website

The look in Conner's eyes when he saw the Virtual FishTank told me we were going to be spending a fair amount of time at that exhibit. He had a blast changing fish attributes, but his favorite part was creating new fish, naming them, and releasing them into the tank. We built a few together and then he was off building on his own.

It was hard, but I did manage to pull him away from the tank for a few other events. We tried out the space ice cream, but it went largely uneaten. He was eager to get back to his fish.

I discovered a new camera feature on my iphone that let us see ourselves when we took a picture. Conner thought this was hilarious.

Conner at the MOS

We took in an awesome lightning show. Conner seemed happy with the idea that the presenter could not get hit by lightning because he was in a cage. I attempted to take a picture of a lightning striking but it's harder than it looks to catch the exact moment.

Before getting back to the fish we checked out some of the rocks, gems and minerals, and did a skull identification activity which was just a little creepy. The skull identification starts with 5 animal skulls on a table. There's a computer program that walks you through figuring out which animal the skulls came from. That's not the creepy part. Alex and I had done it many times before. The creepy part was conner would pick up the skull and say "That's a beaver!" before we even touched the computer. He did that 3 out of 5 times and didn't guess the other two.

Having demonstrated a mildly disturbing set of anthropological skills, Conner insisted we head back to the Virtual FishTank where he dove back in.

Just before we left he discovered Anakin's spaceship. They should really let the kids sit in that thing. Not that my kids have ever asked... I just really want to sit in that ship...

Conner and Anikan's Ship

All in all it was a good day. A day mostly about Virtual Fish because that's the way Conner rolls. He can focus like it's nobody's business. Even so, he seemed to enjoy the one on one trip and made a point of telling me how much fun it was several times later that day.

The rest of the pictures are in this set on flickr.