Falklin Hill Scotland - Yet Another Place to Keep Your Pants On

So I find myself in Scotland on business again. Thus far the trip has been much smoother than my last one out here. Since my team is in California, 7 hours behind me, it's really easy to work 2 full days and then burn out. So I've been making a point to get out each day.

Yesterday I decided to climbed up Falklin Hill. It took some searching, but I arrived at a path 1.5 miles from the summit with 143 meters of vertical climb in front of me. I had 65 minutes till sunset.


The start of the path was pretty flat and the sun sank lower as I got closer.


Right around this part I remember thinking that I was all alone out there. Where I to twist my anlkle and I was spending the night where I fell. There was no one out there to help me. It's a strange, but cool feeling.

The Walk up

And as I got closer the texture of the hill started to reveal itself. This was going to be a bit of a climb at the end...


IMG_4621The hill itself was about a 60 degree climb so I looped my water bottle through my belt so I could use my hands to climb.



This was a flat-ish spot where I took a break climbing the hill. I didn't take any pictures of the steep parts because I was trying not to die.


As I reached the top the wind picked up a lot. I made it to the top in 20 minutes and was fairly tired. So I had a drink of water and enjoyed the view while the wind battered me around a bit.



There was not another soul in sight. I was alone. Really, really alone. It's a strange feeling.

hill 2

The sun was getting ready to fall behind that other hill so I decided to make my way down. Wanting to keep my hands free for climbing I again unbuckled my belt and looped my water bottle on it. And then I wasn't alone anymore...

I looked up to find another guy standing 10 feet away from me just staring. And I mean _really_ staring. Like the way you might stare at a guy you just found in the middle of nowhere putting on his pants for no explicable reason. He must have come up over the other side of the hill while I was messing with my belt.

What does one say in this situation? I considered "You come here often?" but that seemed overly provocative. In the end I don't remember what I said, but that guy sure kept his distance from me.

As I made my way down the hill I thought about how privacy is really dead, but on a positive note the likelihood of a sprained ankle leading to death are much lesser for it.

If you're ever in Scotland, I recommend checking out Falklin Hill. You can't take your pants off, but the view is great.