Florida Vacation

In February Christine took us (Michelle, Rick me and the kids) to Florida, Grandma and Disney for Vacation. I say "Christine took us" rather than "We took the kids" because she made it happen and made it awesome.  She had the uber cool vacation house, disney tickets, disney touring plan, mobile apps that told us which rides had the shortest lines, the visit with Grandma and even a night out with friends from home that were in the area. It was amazing.

We took a little over a thousand pictures and I whittled it down to 82 pics and videos here on flickr. The slideshow is here. But wait, that's not all...

There's also this video montage of those same photos from our trip.

We also captured a few moments that were too fun to pass up. The first was Allison serenading us with her rendition of "We will Rock You."

We went to Mickey's Breakfast and Allison wen't nuts when Mini Mouse came out. Shortly after Conner got in on the action and hilarity ensued.

And lastly this was Conner's big run. He had sprained his knee a few weeks before our trip and we thought it was healed. After the first day his knee was swelling up and he spent the rest of the trip in a carriage or on my shoulders. But the first day he was his usual self jumping around an playing and making us laugh. That's what this video is about.

One last thing. This is one of my favorite pictures pre-kids. We took this on a Florida trip the year before Alex was born. Christine has this knack for spur of the moment hilarity. I guess that's where Conner gets it from. This pic is one of those moments we just happened to capture.