Lessons in Easter Tradition and Zombies

Saturday night Alex asked me to read him the Bible. In our house this means reading from The Brick Testament because the kids love the pictures. Since it was Easter-eve I figured I'd read him the traditional holiday stories.

We started with the Last Supper, and covered Passover dinner, the example washing of feet, the bread, the wine, the nameless apostle sitting next to Jesus who seems way too physically familiar with Jesus to have been a guy, and Peter's eagerness to suss out the person that was going to betray Jesus. We read how Peter chops off a soldiers ear trying to stop him from arresting Jesus and prepares to dismember a few other soldiers before Jesus talks him down and goes peacefully. We read through the crucifixion where I deftly edited out the more gruesome bits so Alex would still be able to sleep that night. And we read about Mary Magdalene's discovery of the empty tomb and the resurrection.

Alex asked few questions and I did my best to explain the details of the story as we read. I thought I had done a pretty good job. Alex went to bed happy, woke up and made it through most of the morning before he came to me with this question.

If Jesus was dead and he came back to life wouldn't he be a zombie and try to take over the world?

Clearly I missed an important point in the story.