Work Done. Going Home!

Work done!

I've been in California in a closed door meeting with my team this week. It's been intense 16 hour days of intensity with one really fun break for sushi and sake. In a few hours I hop on a plane back home. I'm looking forward to seeing Christine and the kids tomorrow. There were so many meetings I barely spoke to them all week.

While most of the week was in a rather dull looking conference room, there were a few picture worthy moments on this trip.

photo (1)
Coming in for a landing in sunny CA.

Found this on the bottom floor of the SFO car rental building. Can't explain it. I'm assuming it's a job for the Ghostbusters.

The view from the building that is home to the windowless conference room where I've spent the week.

The donuts that didn't stand a chance against the collective might of our team.

And that's it. I'm heading home!