Girls are different

P6090005.JPG Four years ago today Allison was born. Allison was our third baby to be born and as such I felt I was somewhat prepared. I had navigated her brothers' entrance into the world with relative calmness and control. Christine did all the work of course, but at least I managed to stick around. That was with the boys. And As I've learned over and over through the last four years girls are different.

On Allison's birthday I managed to pass out cold just as Christine was declared technically in labor. You'd think having been through 2 births completely unscathed I'd be a pro at this. But nope, I passed out. When I began to regain consciousness, alone in a hospital room, I snapped this picture of the automatic blood pressure someone had strapped to my arm. It reads 70/42. For the none medical types, that's a lot low.  Allison and Christine managed to wait a bit and I made it back on my feet in time to be there when Allison was born.

Over the last 4 years Allison has grown into an amazing little girl. Her capacity for happiness is contagious and irrepressible. Yesterday we had a conversation and it felt like I was talking to an articulate adult who smiled a lot.  Just amazing.

I don't have the time to explain all the way's she is different from her brothers and amazing at the same time. Frankly I'd rather go play with her, so that's what I'm going to do.

But whenever I think about it, my memory goes back to that moment shortly before she was born when I  realized she'd literally knocked me out and she hadn't even been born yet. That's kinda how I feel every time I see her.