Lego Optimus Prime

IMG_1201Alex has been reading a Transformer's book lately. It's got pictures of the different generations of Transformers that have been produced in the last 20 or so years.  I've been trying to explain to the boys how much cooler of the Generation 1 Transformer look is compared to with the abomination they're portraying in books and TV today.

The boys prefer the new Transformers look and I've explained that they are allowed to have their own opinions, but making up facts is just plain wrong. When that didn't work I tried "Because I said so." And when that didn't work I decided to enlist them in a major project with the hope of un-brainwashing them.

So Saturday morning we dumped out our legos and got to work on building a Generation I Optimus Prime.


We had a lot of fun.


A little pre-construction tube searching revealed a guy named Chris Roach who is a genius with Legos. We followed his design and made a few tweaks here an there which I will pretend were for aesthetics as opposed to compensating for pieces we didn't have. Chris's design for the body is really slick and his Prime head is a work of art. My thanks go out to him for being so cool and sharing his designs.

It took about 6 hours over two days, but with Chris Roach's designs and the kid's help we put together a pretty passable Generation I Optimus Prime.


We needed some wheels and flat panel parts to finish him off so I ordered the parts from Lego. They arrived yesterday, and we now have our finished Optimus Prime.


Seriously, how cool is this!


Oh, and did I mention he transforms?


Now that I've got one transformer under my belt I think I might take a stab at a Bumblebee without someone else's design. With work so busy and travel every other week lately, projects like this provide much needed time with the kids and a great way to clear my head.  Plus it just looks really cool!


Fortunately, the debate over which generation of Transformers looks coolest rages on. Guess we'll just have to keep building stuff like this.

More pics of our Lego Optimus Prime.