Tom the Completely Inept Hunter

IMG_3541This is my cat Tom. Most of the time we spend together consists of him curling up on my lap and going to sleep. I just assumed the other 23 hours a day he was off doing something productive. Hunting mice, making sure the varmints don't abuse the bird feeder and keeping the neighborhood dogs in line... You know, typical super-cat stuff.

The other day I looked out onto the back deck to witness a good five minutes of completely non-confrontational interaction between Tom and a squirrel.

The squirrel just walked right up to him.


And Tom barely got up the effort to stare at it.


They just hung out like that. Alternatively looking at each other and then staring off into the distance. There wasn't a hint of tension. The squirrel wasn't even mildly plussed by Tom's looming claws of death, and Tom didn't seem to mind the Squirrel's presence enough to move a single paw.


My dreams of Tom "The Great Protector" shattered, the squirrel eventually scampered off to try to break into the bird feeder again. Oh well. At least Tom keeps my legs warm in the winter.