Biking Against Cancer Over Comically Large Hills

My bike at the SAP (water refill) mile 17
Last weekend was my first time riding in the Prouty race against cancer. The bike route ran adjacent to the White Mountains in NH and crossed over into Vermont. It was, to put it mildly, a bit hilly.

The weather was perfect, the scenery magnificent and the hills were crushingly long. The ride starts with a 7% grade incline that last 1/2 a mile and if that doesn't kill you the rest of the ride is more hills. Fortunately, my friend Matt has been introducing me to some of the hillier bike routes of Harvard MA, so I managed to survive and even enjoy myself.

Details of the 35 mile ride were captured by the Runkeeper app on my iPhone.

Screenshot of what you'll find on the Runkeeper ride detail page.

By far the most amusing and humbling part of the ride was watching our triathlon team captain ride 2 mile circles around us the entire time. She didn't even look like she was trying as she flew by me and then looped around to check on a teammate that had fallen miles behind.

Me and Alex just after I crossed the finish line.
It's not the worlds most flattering picture, but the fact that I'm standing at all is a small miracle.