Life is Good Festival and Frisbee

This weekend we went to the Life is Good festival. It was a blast! This festival may very well surpass the Garlic Festival as the event we look forward to each year. Once you're in the gate there's a giant field with 3 live music stages, great bands for kids and adults, piles of games and really good food.

We started off the day in a tent full of these giant foam blocks.

And we did some sack racing. Both boys came very close to legitimately beating me.

Conner was Conner.

Alex and I took a stand.

Alex braved the pins of death.

And then the sort of moment every father dreams of happened; Alex and I picked up a disc and started throwing. We'd tried it before, but he used to throw like a little kid. But life was really good this weekend. Alex started throwing like a kid who played ultimate, and catching better than his father. 

After about 45 minutes of throwing we went to get some water. I figured we were done, but Alex insisted on going back for more. 

So basically we spent the rest of the afternoon throwing, running and catching. 

 Allison was pretty tired but she managed to put up with us for a few more hours.

All in all it was a good day.