Mission Peak Hike in California

There are these great mountains in the backdrop of the offices in San Jose. For the last 10 years I have been traveling out there on business, and somehow in all that time I’d never taken a single night off to check out the area. Tuesday night I decided to change that, so I got out of the office early and hiked up Mission Peak.

I started the climb around 6:20, which gave me a little over an hour before sunset.

The beginning of the very dry path to the top.

The moon that would light my way back.

Cows just roam free in the absurd heat of the sun.

Not at the top yet and sunset was closing in.

The Peak

The marker at the top of Mission Peak. 

Made it.
Sitting at the top of Mission Peak watching the sun set.

The sun set while I was at the top of the mountain. There were still plenty of people around and the moon was bright so I wasn't worried. I made my way down by moonlight and took this panoramic of the cities surrounding the bay from about 3/4 of the way up the mountain.

Full size image available here.

Full photoset and slideshow from the hike.

Here's the hike as captured by runkeeper.