Seven Stories of Summer

With snow falling last night and a storm on the way this weekend it's probably safe to say that summer is over. It just flew by this year. With few exceptions, the stories I meant to post here fell victim to the stories we were making next. It was a good summer.

As I sit here looking through pictures I realize I'd have to stop making new stories for weeks to recount all that we did. So instead, here are seven stories of this summer in pictures.

The kids learned to really swim at Grandma & Grandpa's lake house in NH.

We spent the 4th of July in Pulaski with Memere and Pepere. 

Allison invented a whole new standard for cuteness.

The Russellpours got together and we did the sort of ridiculous things we always did.

I traveled for work. A lot.

There were lots of projects, accomplishments and moments of awesome. 

Finally the bus came and Conner and Alex headed off for a new year of school.