Christmas Vacation Memories

I had a long, restful and fun Christmas vacation this year.  I spent so much time doing things and having fun I never got around to writing about most of it. So this is a quick recap.

After last years debacle Christine and the kids buckled down and built a respectable gingerbread house. Christine worked at this with them for 3 days. Castles have been built with less effort that went into this gingerbread house but none of them looked this good.


Alex and I played a bunch of Chess. I was beating him soundly and Tom jumped in and knocked over my king. Forfeit!


We said goodby to Jerry.


I finally took out my saxophones.  I don't play quite like I used to but the thrill is still there and the technique comes back fast.


Allison conducted her first orchestra.

Allison Conducts Tubas

The kids made cookies with Memere.


Despite our best efforts to keep Allison from napping (and thus staying up all night) on Christmas Eve, she managed to sneak in some sleep.


The following picture was taken on Christmas morning at 6:08am. Alex was told in no uncertain terms that he was not to wake anyone up until at least 6am. At 6:01 he was in our room explaining that he wanted to go to the bathroom before he woke us up so he got up at 5:58. That boy has a crazy internal clock.


Santa brought us a Lego Death Star with 3,806 pieces. And no, that isn't a typo. It has 3k pieces, and it was definitely Santa because I had no idea it was under the tree, and Christine swears it was Santa. We've set up shop in the music room (recently renamed from the office) and are steadily building it.


Even Allison is getting in on the Death Star building action.


The Boxborough Library had a lego building day one afternoon so I took the boys. They had the room almost entirely to themselves and built Legos while I read a book. Conner asked me to record a video of his creation.

They were very proud of the creations which will be on display in the Boxborough library for about 3 months.


The Christmas snow was perfect.


Christine and the kids built a great snowman.


And a few days later he was a little less of a snowman.

Sad Frosty

Alex and I went sledding at Nara park. Alex can take care of himself so we both got a lot of sledding in. He even taught me a great way to steer. We had a lot of fun.


Alex met a girl from his school while we were there. After sledding they had an epic snowball fight.


And remember all that wood we stacked 2 years ago?

P9270191 copy

Back home we finally put it to use.


Russell Kid-isms

KidsThe kids have been saying some funny things lately.

Allison sitting at dinner
Allison (turned 3 in June): "Daddy, do you know what enunciation means?"
Me (thinking you shouldn't be able to say that yet): "What Allison?"
Allison: "To talk clearly. Debbie [her teacher] told me that."
Me: [Smiling while feeling I'm completely out of my depth with this one.]

Alex on the way home from a restaurant. Alex and I were in one car and Christine, Conner, and Allison in the other. Alex and Conner decided we were going to race home.
Alex: "Come on Dad! Hurry Up. I'm buckled LETS GO!"
Me:  [Taking out my iPhone.] Let me just find some good music for the ride home. [We're still parked]
Alex: [fidgeting] Dad MULTITASK!

On Reading: My Children possess the ability to talk constantly from the moment they wake in the early morning until the moment they fall asleep at night. This is a fact and it has been proven time and time again. Both Alex and Allison have been reading books to me lately. Alex reads the words, and Allison points out the pictures and tells me what they are. Invariably they tire of reading before the end of the book and try to get me to take over with this gem.
Daddy, can you read for a while now? My mouth is tired.

Conner's idea of a secret is to volunteer the exact opposite of the truth. He walked out of school and announced to Christine 
"Mommy, I'm not making you a Christmas present at school!"