Russelldad's Blog Joins #SOPAStrike

On January 18th I'm joining sites like Wikipedia and Google in the Internet strike of SOPA & PIPA. Thus if you're one of the many people that visit each day to find out How to Fix a Broken Guitar Nut With Baking Soda In Nine Steps or What's the Deal With Recycling Pizza Boxes? or even my kids latest antics then you're out of luck. Instead of those wildly popular posts you'll find this:

I'm doing this as a show of protest against SOPA and PIPA, two tragically written bills, that if passed by the US government would cripple the Internet. But you don't have to take my word for it. Have a look at the video and links below and make up your own mind. And then if you agree, please write or call your representitives. This website will actually place the call for you!

Learn More:

Here are the three most definitive articles on SOPA and PIPA: Free SpeechProblemsSecurity

Update January 18th 2012, 8:12PM EST: This blog was dark in protest for a little over 12 hours today. As of a few minutes ago it has been returned to usual state. Let's hope #SOPA and #PIPA go dark and don't come back.