Bike Maintenance Day

Alex and I did some bike maintenance today. First we checked out YouTube to learn about cleaning and lubricating bike chains. Then, after a quick supply run we proceeded to resurrect his new/hand-me-down bike from years of neglect.

I'm happy to report that he can now use all his gears and the bike no longer squeaks like mule being dragged behind a truck with a bad axle. In addition to the audible improvements, Alex says it's much easier to ride. It's a very nice bike now in excellent condition.

Next we did some should-be standard maintenance on my bike. Apparently I'm supposed to lubricate the chain once a week. So I was only behind off by 800% seeing as this was my first time. Alex is right, it makes a big difference.

The other big addition is a bike computer. It tells me all sorts of things like current speed, cadence and distance. Not a necessity, but very nice to have. Can't wait to get out on the road for a long ride tomorrow.