Night Photography

A few weeks back I took a night photography class with Dan Splaine through Test of Time Photography. He took us on a teaching / walking tour near the Boston Aquarium. This was my first formal introduction to photography and Dan did an amazing job. I'd absolutely recommend one of his photo walk classes.

What I learned that night, apart from the basics of ISO, f/stop and exposure time, is that photography is like any other hobby. To get good it takes a bit of know how, some creativity, and a whole lot of practice. These are some of my favorite shots from my first night of photography practice.

IMG_9267 - Version 2
Clock tower across from the Boston Aquarium. The fog was rough. I must have taken 100 shots before I got one to come out.

My brother practicing his night photography

Time lapse of a plane landing at Logan

Panorama of the Boston Waterfront

Looking into the light

Light writing  

Light writing turned out to be a lot of fun and pretty easy to set up. The trick is to set a low ISO, high f/stop, and 10 to 15 second shutter speed. This lets the camera leave the shutter open for a long time without soaking up too much light. As it was I should have adjusted the settings for a little less light absorption on this image.

Once you have it set up, put the camera on a 5 second delay and push the shutter button. Then run in front of the camera with your cell phone flashlight and write something. The brightness of the flashlight will show up perfectly in the image and if you move fast enough and have on dark clothes you will appear nearly invisible. This technique is going to take a bit more practice, but it was easy enough to get started.

The full Boston Night Photo Walk - October 2012 set is on flickr. More pictures to come as I practice, practice, practice.