Conner's Chat with Santa

A few weeks ago Conner spent the afternoon with his Grandma, Grandpa and Mom. At some point they took him over to see Santa and Conner made this happen.

Conner was speaking to Santa at the mall. Santa waved me over and said, "Do you know what Conner asked for for Christmas? He asked to be with his family...and also maybe a stocking for his gerbil." And that's why Conner's on the nice list.

This morning Holly, our family Elf on a Shelf, returned with a stocking for Conner's gerbil Nibbles. Conner was so thrilled he decided to bring the stocking to school to show his friends. The moment he returned home he announced he was going to hang it next to his stocking.

I can't wait to see what Santa brings Nibbles.