Bike Maintenance Day

Alex and I did some bike maintenance today. First we checked out YouTube to learn about cleaning and lubricating bike chains. Then, after a quick supply run we proceeded to resurrect his new/hand-me-down bike from years of neglect.

I'm happy to report that he can now use all his gears and the bike no longer squeaks like mule being dragged behind a truck with a bad axle. In addition to the audible improvements, Alex says it's much easier to ride. It's a very nice bike now in excellent condition.

Next we did some should-be standard maintenance on my bike. Apparently I'm supposed to lubricate the chain once a week. So I was only behind off by 800% seeing as this was my first time. Alex is right, it makes a big difference.

The other big addition is a bike computer. It tells me all sorts of things like current speed, cadence and distance. Not a necessity, but very nice to have. Can't wait to get out on the road for a long ride tomorrow.

Biking Against Cancer Over Comically Large Hills - Part II

A fortnight ago (and yes I waited to post this so I could use the word fortnight) was my second ride in the Prouty bike race against cancer. This year the goal was 50 miles.

Riding 50 miles is a little more tricky than shorter distances because your body doesn't have enough energy to do the entire race without eating. So once you get in shape enough to do that kind of distance, you need to figure out food and water intake.

It was over 91 degrees outside which is not exactly my natural habitat. Even so, the ride was going great until mile 38 at which point I ran out of potassium. This manifested in the form of wicked hamstring cramps and sucked because I was otherwise full of energy. My legs just decided they weren't going to work. After pulling over and stretching for a few minutes I rode to the 40 mile rest stop. There I filled up on bananas before heading out for the last 10 miles.

Overall the ride was a success. I finished and the hills just didn't seem to pack the same punch as they did last year.

I'm not sure if we took a wrong turn or runkeeper is messing with me, but even if what we rode was only 48.73 miles it doesn't take into account the mile to and from the car, so I'm calling it 50.

Next up, a century on September 16th.