The Anniversary Dragon

Christine and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary yesterday. Pretty cool!

The kids got us a joint present. Normally "joint present" means "something Christine will love" like a new soup terrien or Foie Gras flattener. I don't even know what Foie Gras is and much less why you'd want to flatten it, but you get the gist. The rule is: joint presents are meant for the wife, not the husband.

It turns out that there's a little known loophole in the "joint present" rule that applies to gifts given on the 11th anniversary, purchased (in name) by the children as a proxy for their mother who had previously agreed not to exchange gifts because we just bought each other a really nice couch. In that case the joint gift is for the husband! And on this anniversary it came in the form of 7 frisbee golf discs!


Now as cool as this joint gift was it was superseded by Conner's description of who brought the present. He was under the impression no one in the family was allowed to give presents on this anniversary so he invented the Anniversary Dragon.

Conner's depiction of the Anniversary Dragon (left) - Tom craving attention (right)

According to Conner, the Anniversary Dragon is like Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny and is allowed to give anybody anything it wants. Also, it eats crystals instead of cookies.

I foresee a big future for the Anniversary Dragon in our family, thanks to Conner.