Snowmageddon 2013

It snowed this weekend. I think mother nature was making up for the last 2 winters of a poor snow showing. We sent the kids out to shovel early in the storm.

Shoveling Chaos Theory
Govener Patrick signed an executive order banning cars from the road starting at 4pm on Friday.  Anyone caught driving faced the wrath of the Mass Transit Authority. They are not to be screwed with.

Source unknown. Hope they brought a tow-cable.

The snow really picked up after dark. We woke up to find a winter wonderland covered by 2 more feet of snow.  By way of example, this is our backyard in the fall.

Casa de Russell in the Fall

 And this is the same backyard the morning after the storm.

Casa de Russell February 9th, 2013 at 10am

It was so close! The snow almost reached the swing seats.

Before the storm the kids and I carried plants and the grill onto our screened in deck. The snow didn't much care as it came right through the screens.

There's not supposed to be snow in there!

The view out our front window the next morning was moderately intimidating.

Those mail boxes are on 4 foot posts!

Where did our stairs go?

The shoveling began in earnest at 10am on Saturday. I don't think we're going to be playing hoops any time soon.

A 2 point shot. 10 points if you can rebound.

The most daunting part was digging out the fire hydrant. Between the epic snow and the plows doing their bit, it was a deep, heavy mess. The only thing I could think of when I finished clearing this out was "Suck on that mother nature." I'm sure I'll regret that sentiment.

I win.

Christine and I put in a solid 2 hours shoveling.

Done shoveling and still capable of lifting my arms to take a picture. WIN.

After shoveling I sat in front of the fire and did absolutely nothing for the rest of the day. It was everything I dreamt it could be.