Welcome Home Dexter!

Dexter Tiberius Russell
Allison has been pressing us to get a dog for about a year. When winter hit we told her we'd discuss it in the spring. So the first day the temperature went over 45 degrees Allison hopped out of her seat at the dinner table, asked politely to sit on my lap and, completely without preamble, proceeded to explain her plan to me.
"Daddy, you can have your friends come over to help put up the fence and then we can go out and get some toys and mommy can get some food and water and we'll put it in the garage..."

I still have no idea what she's talking about at this point.

"... and then you can go get it and hide it in the garage while I'm sleeping and when I wake up in the morning we'll go down and POOF we'll have a dog!"
Three weeks later Dexter came home. Allison can be very convincing when she wants to be. Those people at the UN could really use someone with her skills.

Allison and Dexter

Dexter was born December 31st, 2012. That means he's a puppy and he likes to eat things. Fortunately he's decided not to eat the cats.

Dexter and Thomas hanging out.

Dexter is possibly the most well tempered friendly dog I've ever met. It's like we won the lottery of dogs. Or perhaps I've just gotten used to the indifference of cats.

Either way Dexter is a great dog. He's friendly to everyone, basically ignores the cats, listens extremely well and so far hasn't eaten anything too valuable. I've asked him to eat one of the kids, but he seems to have the good judgement to know when to listen and when ignore me.

So Allison has her puppy, we have a new family member, and I get to see stuff like this happen.

Allison and Dexter in a field.