Princess Allison at Lego Land

Last winter we headed down to Florida to see Memere and Pepere. They took us to Lego Land which was a blast. The models there are spectacular. Allison was in rare form posing with the models. 

Too cute for Darth Vader

Allison and R2-D2
Allison hasn't seen the movie, but she still knows this guy is a clown

Alex and I got a little over excited and Allison straightened us out.

Little Miss In-Charge

The kids in front of a massive Lego NASA complex

There was also a Star Wars exhibit with enormous models. I couldn't leave without getting some pictures. Alex was kind enough to jump in a few shots to provide a frame of reference.

The Lego Millenium Falcon

Hoth Battle Scene. All models were custom and about 2x the size you buy in the store

I'd be freaked out too if the Empire were that close.

Lego Land is worth seeing. While not required, I recommended bringing a child with you to provide a sense of scale in photographs of the models.