Spit Take - The Game

Christine was out last thursday night. Unencumbered by a responsible adult, the kids came up with a game called Spit Take. 
A spit-take is a comic technique in which someone spits a beverage out of his or her mouth when he or she reacts to a statement. - Wikipedia
Their version of the game was pretty simple.
  1. Person A takes a big swig of water. 
  2. Person B then says something gross such as "I peed in that glass."
  3. Person A spits the water out in making as much noise and spray as possible.
  4. Person C (That was me) is instructed to take pictures.

These are some of our pictures.
Alex gets a masterful spray.

Conner working on his chundering technique. He is quite fond of that word.

Allison goes for distance.

Dexter enjoying some time with the kids  next to our sad, sad garden. As you can see,  we were masterful in our gardening incompetence this year. It was so bad we almost kept the weeds from growing. 

Alex demonstrating alternative swig techniques.

Alex wrapping up a successful evening of Spit Take.