Conner's Class Trip - Hike Up Mt. Wachusett

Back in October I took a day off to hike up Mt. Wachusett with Conner's class. We took a more direct route than we did when Alex and I did the hike with his class. On the way up Conner was thrilled to discover a white spotted caterpillar. He took care of it for a while before finding a nice tree for it to live on.

The top of the mountain has a new tower which is surprisingly large. The ladders to the top were missing so we weren't able to get higher than the stone base. Even so it provided an impressive view.

Conner and his friend at the top of Mount Wachusett

Conner and me at the top of Mount Wachusett

After lunch and some running around on the top of the mountain we headed down. Fast. I mean really fast. Going up the mountain I was in my element. We climbed fast and rested when the kids needed it. Coming down was an an entirely different story. I don't usually feel at a physical disadvantage around the kids, but the way Conner flew down the mountain has me thinking that I'm either getting old, or gravity works differently for kids. For the record, I'm pretty sure it was a gravity issue.

Either way, we had a great time. I'm looking forward to doing this trip with Allison next year.