I Ate A Barnacle

Two barnacles if I'm being totally honest. It happened while I was on a business trip in Portugal, struggling to adjust to the time zone, and someone said "Here try a barnacle."

Apparently a little jet lag is all it takes to break down my defenses. That and Portugal is a sweet place.

Prior to my great barnacle eating event of 2013 I did some sight seeing. The group I was with took a tour of a The Castle of the Moors which is a hilltop fortress that gives an entirely new meaning to the word hilltop. I've climbed mountains that seemed a lot flatter than this hill. The view from the top was both spectacular and terrifying at the same time.

The castle is on the left. The "outside" is on the right.

The combination of the wind and rain made walking the castle walls fairly scary. I started climbing up a set of steps and realized that the clouds were so thick I couldn't see the top.

It keeps going for quite a while after the clouds take over the view.

The weather was harsh and there weren't any great places to escape it in the castle. It gave me a new appreciation for how hated the Moors must have felt that they'd build and hang out in a place like this. 

Later that day the weather cleared up and we visited the Pena National Palace. Nice place. A little big for my taste, but I'm sure most people that don't own one of these say things like that.

Fairly enormous panorama of the Pena National Palace 

Every time I look at this picture I think Naboo...

Seriously, doesn't this look like Naboo?

Before we left one of my teammates took a picture of me at the Palace. I blend right in like I own the place don't I?

Eventually we got hungry and made our way off to dinner. That's when I ate the barnacle.  For the record, they taste like oil and garlic and they're tasty. Honestly, everything I ate in Portugal was delicious. It really says something about a place when they can make a plate that looks like this taste good.

Barnacles. Yum.